Summer 2023 Study:
"Judges: The Leaders and the Lost"

A study of God through the book of Judges.

Over the past few years, we've looked at the story of the Pentateuch- the history of the Israelites and how God led them to a land of their own to live in a relationship with him. At the end of the book of Joshua, the Israelites are promised a bright and prosperous future… if they continue to follow God.

Unfortunately, they begin backsliding almost immediately, so God leaves them to be tested and oppressed by the nations around them. He also, though, raises up judges to save them from their oppression.

But while the judges may save the Israelites from their immediate issues, ultimately, they aren’t good leaders… which points to the need for a true, godly king.

Our study of the book of Judges will look at these notable figures and their place in the history of Israel. More importantly, we'll also see through them our own need for the true, godly kingship of Jesus.